Puppies are ready to go home at eight weeks of age and will have had their first shots and worming.  All puppies have a full vet exam and come with a written health guarantee.  They are sold with a limited registration.

Adding A Puppy To Your Home

  Piper and Magic were bred to Grandvista Orion and had puppies on February 4 and February 5, 2023. 

Puppies from these litters are all spoken for.   Next litter won't be until Spring 2024.

Georgetown Labradors Upcoming Litters

Unfortunately sometimes problems do develop regardless of preventative efforts, and that is why we provide a guarantee to our buyers. If your puppy is found to have hip dysplasia (an OFA rating of less than Fair), poor elbows, or suffers from congenital eye defects requiring medical attention, we will replace him or her with the same sex pup and equal breeding at our earliest opportunity.

Elsie at the ocean

Puppy Guarantee

Millie and Louie the Ragdoll

Sweet Tucker

Keeping an eye on those babies

Adding a new Labrador Retriever puppy to your home is a big responsibility - emotionally and financially.  With proper veterinary care and food, Labrador Retrievers live from 12 - 13 years of age.

They will need annual vaccinations, daily walks, and constant companionship.  If you want a clean, hair free house, do not buy a Labrador.  They are also one of the most affectionate, loyal breeds and do well with families and young children.

Training should begin as soon as your puppy comes home.  Families with young children should also include them in their training sessions.  Ask you vet for recommended trainers in your area.

Georgetown Labradors recommends crate training your puppy.  This prevents unwanted damage in your home until your puppy is fully trained.  The crate should also be used for your Labrador Retriever puppy when you are not able to watch them.  Our adults Labradors still consider their crates their dens and put themselves to bed in their crates every night.

Terms of our Contract:

1.  We must be notified of the problem within 30 days of discovery.

2.  The puppy must have been x-rayed and the x-rays evaluated by OFA before the pup reached 26 months of age.

3.  The puppy has not been used for monetary gain, particularly breeding.

4.  The pup has not been transferred to another owner.

5.  You must provide a veterinary report that shows you have not neglected the pup's health or it was in any type of accident.

6.  You must return the pup and its papers to us.

7.  We will replace the pup or refund half of the purchase price only.  All other costs including shipping, vaccinations, and veterinary expenses are non-refundable.

8   It is not necessary to return the pup to collect on this agreement.  Should you have a problem that is covered by this guarantee and still want to keep the dog, we will refund one-half of the original purchase price of the dog

9.  OFA shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia and elbow problems.  The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects.